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Qi Public

Qi Public is a Los Angeles-based digital agency where innovation meets social responsibility. Specializing in web design, branding, and digital marketing, we’re committed to elevating brands while making a meaningful societal impact. From custom websites to purpose-driven campaigns, we offer holistic solutions that resonate with your audience and contribute to a better world.

With Dao

Unearth the secrets of ancient wisdom with With Dao. A fusion of Tai Chi mastery and Daoist philosophy, we’re your compass to navigating life’s complexities. Here, balance isn’t just a pose—it’s a lifestyle. We offer a transformative journey that transcends mere physical movement, delving deep into the realms of mental clarity and spiritual serenity. With Dao is not just a practice; it’s your gateway to a more harmonious existence

I’m GeeK

Step into the universe of ‘I’m GeeK,’ where pixels meet passion and code becomes art. From the keyboard warriors to the joystick jugglers, we’ve got something for every breed of geek. Whether you’re a developer weaving the web, a graphist painting pixels, or a trader riding the market waves, our curated collection of merchandise is your ultimate badge of geekdom. Gamers, level up your style game with our exclusive loot. At ‘I’m GeeK,’ we don’t just sell merchandise; we celebrate the geek in you.


For Iranian” stands as a beacon of connection in the vast digital world, uniting Iranians globally. We recognize the unique blend of tradition, innovation, and resilience that defines our community. Our platform is meticulously crafted to serve the diverse needs of the Iranian diaspora. Whether you’re seeking authentic goods, services, community events, or simply wish to bond with like-minded individuals, “For Iranian” is your bridge. Dive into a world that respects our rich heritage while embracing modern aspirations. Here, you’re not just another user; you’re family. Welcome to ‘For Iranian’ – where every interaction is a step closer to home.

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Embark on Your Next Impact Odyssey Today! Dive into a transformative journey that promises profound change and meaningful outcomes. Chart a course towards a brighter, more impactful future and discover the potential within.


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